New York Edition


The Pells. The Bartows. The Mansion. || March 28,2015

"Royal Patent Oct. 6, 1666, Duke of York to Thomas Pell, First Lord of the Manor" -Inscription on the west post of the Pell family burial plot Within the Bronx's Pelham Bay Park sits a hidden gem: the...SIGN UP

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Caffe Reggio: Percussion And Cappucino. || March 21,2015

"What are you working on?" [Clank, clank!] "What?" "I said, what are you working on?" "Oh, just my novel..." [Buzz, whir, buzz buzz] "What's it about?" [Squueeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!] "Huh?" [Clank, clank, hisssss] "WHAT IS IT ABOUT?" "It's a philosophical story that examines the relationship between man...SIGN UP

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St. Pat's EAST: Montauk Going Green. || March 13,2015

"You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it." -Jimmy Dean "Every St. Patrick's Day, every Irishman goes out to find...SIGN UP

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Learn about New York History and Things to do in NYC at

Are you local to the Big Apple, NY State or The Tristate Area? Have you ever truly explored your own environs and surrounding attractions? Are you wondering about the history behind all of your local visits and stops along the way? If so, then is perfect for you as we will give you information on the history of New York and we will give you ideas on things to do in nyc.

New York is more than just trendy restaurants, shops and shows. In fact the state of New York and its popular city holds a lot of history, music, art, theater, and food. There are many different and exciting things to do in nyc for everyone from architectural history to entertainment; New York City is a place to see. So let’s start getting to know New York City history.

History of New York can be told in 200 or more different national historic sites that are established throughout the state, and all of the events, traditions and celebrations in between. Everything from the American Revolution to the battlefields to the inauguration of both presidents of George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt are only a few of the important moments within the history of New York City.

New York history cannot only be described in national historic sites but there are also sites of cultural significance. These cultural significance includes the birth places of most important people of American history like Theodore Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony and Franklin Roosevelt and to the classic naval ships on the day they sailed to the waters of The East River and The Hudson.

New York history can also be felt and witnessed in music and the arts. For so many years, New York City has been a popular venue of entertainment. New York City is categorized as the main entertainment hub of the world as many famous and historical plays and musicals are premiered and run in Broadway which is located in New York City.

If you love music, you will probably fall in love with the performing arts plaza in Lincoln Center where musicians of all types and kinds are performing. New York City history can also be showcased in music. Jazz players have proven how this music genre got a popular start in NYC. Music lovers enjoy the Opera houses and Metropolitan Philharmonic.

History of New York City can be seen via visual artists’ success and how they have loved it here because of art galleries and museums are also found here. Restaurants and their patrons have enjoyed centuries of fine ale and food. Toasting The Town brings it all to you.