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Toasting the Town is an online publication which features a free subscription-based email newsletter. Our editors create interesting, informative, and inspiring articles about historical places and events in and around New York - with alternative cities and market expansion goals on the horizon. Our goal with each article is to motivate our readers to get out and enjoy their surroundings with a new cultural context and with historical appreciation.

Each Newsletter sent out presents various "real estate" opportunities for advertising and sponsorship's. Current "placeholders," for those advertising opportunities include various graphics and/or self-promotion and marketing of Toasting The Town - which are available as premium advertising and promotion opportunities for interested parties.

Our website presents other advertising opportunities, which include following;

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Each article features a “Confetti” section in which we include specific, customized recommendations to visit restaurants, bars, shops, and other businesses to enhance our readers’ experience. If you own a business and you would like to advertise with us, or—even better—if you have an exciting idea for a partnering arrangement that you think will interest our readers and promote your business at the same time, we’d love to hear from you.

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